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Sep 1, 2011 at Thomas Net

September 1, 2011: 


ISVI is specialized in cutting edge cameras technology for the High resolution Fast speed cameras for 

the Automation, high speed inspection, PCB and wafer inspection.

ISVI introduced the following High resolution fast speed cameras: 25 Mega Pixel / 27 FPS 5,056(H) 

x 5,056(V) High Resolution Sensor Size: 1.26", CMOS Senors, Camera Link, Global shutter, 8 bits per 

pixel and 3.3V/lux.s Sensitivity. 20 Mega Pixel / 34 FPS 4,480(H) x 4,480(V) High Resolution Sensor 

size: 1.12", CMOS Senosr, Camera Link, Global shutter, 8 bits per pixel and 3.3V/lux.s Sensitivity. 

15 Mega Pixel / 45 FPS 3,904(H) x 3,904(V) High Resolution Sensor Size: 0.98", CMOS Senosr, 

Camera Link, Global shutter, 8 bits per pixel and 3.3V/lux.s Sensitivity

ISVI-Corp will support customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. ISVI will exhibit at the Vision 

show in Germany.

Visit the web Page and down load the PDF files from this link: www.isvi-corp.com

Contact Sales@ISVI-Corp.com and provide your application and requirements, and demonstration will 

be arranged for you.

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